How to Use Social Media to Improve Your French Language Skills

Today, Social Media plays a major role and it connects people. Interacting with others via social networking sites is much popular and it is difficult to find anyone who doesn’t have at least a Facebook account. How about you? How many social media accounts you use for interacting with others online? French is a widely used language around the global. If you are in a process of learning French as a new language or even if you are teaching French to your kids, Social Media is a best way to help improving your French language skills. With help of a French tutor and with the help of resources to learn French, it is easier to learn French with more interaction and fun. Before writing this post, I researched on French learning resources, especially for kids and beginners. There are also number of blogs that helps beginners to learn French with… Continue Reading

21 Tips to Increase Engagement & Traffic to your Blog

  Now that you have a blog, you update it daily. You’ll actually get comments and visits from your loyal followers in your circle, other than that you don’t get much search traffic from Google and other search engines. The truth is that nobody is going to find your website unless you don’t promote it. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to accomplish this and receive more traffic to your blog. Here are some tips to Increase Engagement & Traffic to your Blog. Just don’t read it and discard. Apply these tips considering they are daily tasks. So, finally you’ll see how the traffic is increased. Try using these tactics. 1. Get a memorable domain name for your blog. A domain name with up to 3 words or less is better. If people can remember the name of your site, the chances of revisiting or sharing with others are greater…. Continue Reading