How to Use Outreach to Drive Traffic to Your Site

It is again all about blog traffic! Yes, still traffic is important for any blog. It is no use if you write daily but no one read the content. So, focus on attracting more traffic to your blog that will make you standing out from other bloggers. More traffic is more income, in other way. Although I’ve talked about tips for generating traffic to any blog before, I still want to share some of my latest findings. These tips are really awesome to create an engaging blog with more readers. Today, it is all about attracting traffic with outreach. What is Outreach? It is all that you need to attract more traffic to your blog. It is all about the methods and ways you use to reach out to new clients/readers via social media, or email. With outreach, you can simply ask others to share and promote posts from your… Continue Reading

How to Get your Readers to Visit your Blog Again

Readers are like the fuel for any blog. Without readers, a blog is useless. Therefore, it is always important to pay more attention to blog traffic. When it comes to traffic, it can be organic traffic from search engines or referral traffic from social media sites or other reference sites. Whatever it is, as a blogger you should focus on keeping them coming back. If a blog is with quality content and a quality eye pleasing design, chances are those readers will visit you again. They will even become your followers. However, it is important to consider this fact and do the necessary to get more repeat visitors. Below are some quick tips which you can use in your blog to keep your visitors to come back and hence increased traffic day by day. #1. Post frequently. Usually, sites, which are not updated frequently, dropped by some search engines. Therefore,… Continue Reading

21 Tips to Increase Engagement & Traffic to your Blog

  Now that you have a blog, you update it daily. You’ll actually get comments and visits from your loyal followers in your circle, other than that you don’t get much search traffic from Google and other search engines. The truth is that nobody is going to find your website unless you don’t promote it. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to accomplish this and receive more traffic to your blog. Here are some tips to Increase Engagement & Traffic to your Blog. Just don’t read it and discard. Apply these tips considering they are daily tasks. So, finally you’ll see how the traffic is increased. Try using these tactics. 1. Get a memorable domain name for your blog. A domain name with up to 3 words or less is better. If people can remember the name of your site, the chances of revisiting or sharing with others are greater…. Continue Reading

How to Increase your Blog Traffic

If you own a blog without more traffic to it, it is kind of wasting time to write a blog. A Blog without traffic is simply worthless; however by doing few simple things you can generate more traffic for your blog. Although there are lots of methods to increase blog traffic, I don’t want to mention all of them here. Once I shared 21 tips to increase blog traffic, please check that post too before reading further. Below are another 3 tips on how to increase your blog traffic. Try these methods if you still don’t do. #1: Update your content regularly It is very important to update the blog regularly to get attention of Search engines and blog services. Because you have more chances to get targeted traffic from search engines if you post regularly. It is said that we should make a new blog post at least once… Continue Reading

Is your Site Mobile Friendly?Get ready for the next Google update!

Is your Site Mobile Friendly?Get ready to the next Google update!It is official.Google is going to launch another algorithm! You may probably know that Google is going to launch an algorithm to give priority to mobile friendly sites in search appearance. That means if your site is mobile friendly, then there is a huge chance to appear in top results in Google search. However, this is just one factor Google consider among many others to rank a site in search results. However, although there are other factors, mobile friendliness will be an important factor. So, it is better to prepare for the changes. As per Google, these changes will effect from April 21, 2015.So it is better to active now and prepare for the changes as this can affect the traffic and growth of your blog. Is your site mobile friendly?   Now, if you are wondering about your site’s… Continue Reading