Why is your Blog Revenue so Low?

Why is your Blog Revenue so Low? If you are blogging right and spend some quality time on generating content frequently and wonder why still your blog revenue is very low, here are some of the reasons that might affect your revenue. Although there are lots of reasons affect your revenue, I want to highlight few basic things that you can easily correct and increase the revenue.Other than these tips,you also need to pay attention to ranking top in search engines in order to attract more targeted traffic. Not having a focused niche This is one of the main problems I have noticed. Most bloggers tend to concentrate on wider markets without focusing into a special targeted niche. If you have a personal diary kind of blog, then the chances are more to have thousands of similar blogs around. You also may tend to share anything and everything in your… Continue Reading

iHerb Affiliate Program #Review

iHerb is a US based online store for nutritional supplements and organic products which ship for many international countries. This is one of the reasons to promote iHerb products even if you don’t reside in the US.This iHerb Affiliate Program review will help you to get some idea on how to promote iHerb products to your readers. If you’ve noticed I didn’t update this blog frequently, this is because I spent most of my free time on creating my own online business. After having established my network, now it is time to share actual experiences with others. In coming few weeks I am planning to share and review my favorite affiliate programs which convert easily and which is helpful on earning money in order to continue a successful online business. So, here are basic details and review of iherb affiliate program  and how to promote it among others who like… Continue Reading

5 Tips to Earning Income With Amazon

Amazon is one of the major networks that offers a great range of products for consumers .Therefore as an Amazon affiliate ,one can earn a considerable commission if they do it right. Although the commission percentage is low, don’t forget the fact that people trust Amazon. Therefore there is a tendency that people buy products from Amazon and even they buy more products. Below are some tips for you if you like to earn some more revenue from Amazon #1 Select the right niche & products for you First decide your niche. Once you decide on a niche, you can begin to move forward by selecting proper products under that niche. Try to select the niche matching with your blog. it is easier to make money through Amazon affiliate program when you share links to products which are matching with your blog content topics. When the people who reach your… Continue Reading

How to Monetize a blog with ShareASale

  ShareASale is an affiliate network and it has become my favourite affiliate network within few months after sign up. Now my most of the income is from this network and I am glad to stay as an affiliate there. What is ShareASale   ShareASale is an Affiliate Marketing Network and they are in business from over 13 years. They provide an advanced Affiliate Marketing platform where merchants are able to increase their sales through affiliates. In return affiliates will earn a commission for each sale they make. How to join Joining with ShareASale is completely free. You can simply sign up by filling there sign up form. How you can earn First you have to sign up with ShareASale Once your blog is approved, then you have to select merchants to join. After joining with different merchants, you can promote their products on your blog. For each sale you… Continue Reading

How to Increase your Affiliate Income Quickly

  If you are into monetizing your blog, you may use Affiliate Marketing as one of the method of earning money. However, if you are a newbie, may be you are not sure how to promote products for maximum sales. Affiliate Marketing is just not selling a product for a commission. If you do it right, it is a great way to earn a decent income. Below are few tips for you if you are into affiliate marketing. Be organized Why I say ‘be organized’? Because there are lots of networks that you can find products or you can join as an affiliate, it is not uncommon that you will end up with signing up with lot of affiliate programs here and there. But, at the end of the month how do you find the earnings and how to track your sales? Even worst, if you join with different affiliate… Continue Reading