Tips For Increasing Your Social Media Engagement

It is not a secret that social media marketing is essential nowadays for any business. Be it blogging or any other business, social media marketing is one of the best ways to reach the potential audience. Although there are many tips on engaging with social media followers, here are some of the best tips to improve the engagement. How to increase your Social Media Engagement? If you already have a team for social media marketing, then you don’t have to spend much time for social media marketing. Otherwise, below are some of the things that you can do to improve the engagement. 1. Don’t talk only about your brand name Instead of talking about your brand name, create related content and talk about those. Engaging content which are related to your brand name and products will get more engagement and shares. If you don’t have much experience on social media… Continue Reading

5 Best Tips to Boost Your Pinterest Marketing Results

Pinterest is one of the popular social media networks that attracts traffic to blogs and websites. But, if you don’t use it right, you cannot get the best results. As one of the sites that send me lot of traffic specially for my food blog, I always optimize my images as Pinterest friendly, so readers tend to pin those. On the other way, when I pin a post that is shared in many accounts when the image is Pinterest friendly. The following 5 tips will help you boost your Pinterest marketing results, getting you closer to the business goals you are trying to reach.You will see more re-pins and also more traffic to your sites. 1.Show Multiple Products in a Single Pin Why not make an image displaying several things that you offer your prospects? This adds value to a single pin by displaying multiple offerings, products and services. You… Continue Reading

Get your Professional Qualification on Digital Marketing – Shaw Academy Review

Isn’t it good for having professional qualifications as a blogger or as a digital marketer? When I found Shaw Academy courses, I was really happy because I can learn more about blogging and digital marketing in an organized manner. Previously I have followed few blogging courses and I learned the basics of blogging. Other than that I read a lot and I watch lot of videos about blogging and online marketing. So far I have more than 4 years’ experience as a full time blogger and online marketer, but I don’t have any professional qualification which can add value for my experience. Recently I enrolled with Diploma in Digital Marketing with Shaw Academy and I am really happy with what I learn. Although I am still in the mid of the course I thought of sharing my experience as this can be helpful for others too in order to learn the… Continue Reading

How to Use Social Media to Improve Your French Language Skills

Today, Social Media plays a major role and it connects people. Interacting with others via social networking sites is much popular and it is difficult to find anyone who doesn’t have at least a Facebook account. How about you? How many social media accounts you use for interacting with others online? French is a widely used language around the global. If you are in a process of learning French as a new language or even if you are teaching French to your kids, Social Media is a best way to help improving your French language skills. With help of a French tutor and with the help of resources to learn French, it is easier to learn French with more interaction and fun. Before writing this post, I researched on French learning resources, especially for kids and beginners. There are also number of blogs that helps beginners to learn French with… Continue Reading

10 Twitter Tips for any Blogger

Twitter is a powerful way of connecting with people. However, even I took some time to find how to tweet in a way that gets the maximum advantage to my blog. Now I really like twitter and it is really interesting to check tweets and engage with those. Below are some tips to get the benefit of this powerful community. If you play well, the possibility of increased engagement to your blog or brand is more! 1. Fill out your Twitter profile. This will help you build credibility more quickly. 2. Follow those who follow you. This brings you in contact with other people who follow them. Therefore it possibly increases your follower base. 3. Post something daily. Even a short comment with a link will do the job nicely. 4. Use hash tags. Simply search for the hash tags before sharing your post. Include those on your tweet. However… Continue Reading