How to Show Popular Posts in Blogger Blog

You can easily increase page views of your blog by showing popular posts in your blog side bar.In blogger blogs,there is a gadget to show the popular posts and it is really easy to install.Today I thought of sharing how to install this gadget to your blogger blog and hope this will help you if you are a beginner blogger.

Here is how to show popular posts in blogger blog.

How to install popular posts gadget in a blogger blog

  • Log into your blogger blog
  • Go to layout option in dashboard.
  • Click ‘Add a Gadget’.

How-to-show-popular-posts-in blogger


  • You’ll see the ‘popular posts’ gadget in the new window and click to add it to your blog.


How-to-show-popular-posts-in blogger-2


  • Once you clicked on ‘popular posts’,you’ll see a window like below.


How-to-install-popular-posts-in blogger


  • Set the criteria which you like to show.Earlier I used ‘All time’ popular posts for my blogger blogs.But recently I changed it to show ‘last 30 days’. By showing ‘last 30 days’ or last 7 days popular posts,you will see different posts each week as popular posts.
  • By changing so,I could see what are the topics get popular easily.That gives me a hint for my next post.
  • Finally here is how it looks like.You can drag the gadget from your page layout and arrange it to display in a suitable position.

How-to-install-popular-posts-in blogger-2

Hope above tutorial is helpful for you if you are still a beginner with your blogspot blog.

If you haven’t installed it yet,please install.Also try to change the way of appearance and see the results for few days.





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