10 Twitter Tips for any Blogger

Twitter is a powerful way of connecting with people. However, even I took some time to find how to tweet in a way that gets the maximum advantage to my blog. Now I really like twitter and it is really interesting to check tweets and engage with those.

Below are some tips to get the benefit of this powerful community. If you play well, the possibility of increased engagement to your blog or brand is more!

1. Fill out your Twitter profile. This will help you build credibility more quickly.

2. Follow those who follow you. This brings you in contact with other people who follow them. Therefore it possibly increases your follower base.

3. Post something daily. Even a short comment with a link will do the job nicely.

4. Use hash tags. Simply search for the hash tags before sharing your post. Include those on your tweet. However don’t use lot of hash tags ,it will make you look like a spammer

5. Ask questions. Also make comments in your tweets. This may result in more engagement and lead your blog to be promoted.

6. Respond to any private messages you receive. They could lead to a followership.

7. Try keeping your tweets short.

8. Share images on your tweets. This will increase engagement.

9. Retweet other interesting tweets. This is a good way of getting noticed by others and as a result there may be chances for new followers.

10. Don’t forget to have fun with the site. Once your get the hang of Twitter, you may be surprised with the result! It will make many contacts and also they increase your site traffic.

Try these tips with your twitter account and check whether you get any improvement in sharing, increased number of followers or traffic to blog.
If you have more twitter tips, please share those below.

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