3 Things To Avoid When Emailing Your List

One of the most important factors to consider when you start a blog is to build your email subscribers list. This email subscribers list is helpful for you to send the latest blog updates and also some great offers if you promote any products. However, it is important to be careful and consider the important facts if you decide to promote products and offers with your subscribers.

Before sending out emails,consider these.

Once you decide to have an opt-in list, this is the important fact for you to consider. More importantly, it is not just for sending your subscribers about your promotional newsletters or catalogs. Instead there are so many things to consider before you send such emails.

Take note that you have to share lot of valuable details with your subscribers than just sharing the newsletter or offers.

You may have read about lot of tips on how to get more subscribers.However, while there are so many ways which help you to make people subscribe to your list, you also should pay attention to avoid them to unsubscribe from your list.You collect email address from your subscribers to send them valuable updates and information other than promotional offers.

Also be informative with the prevailing law. Try to avoid any problems with the law and your internet service provider. Nowadays there are many laws and rules related to internet marketing and email sending. These are to help protect the privacy of the internet users from those spamming and unwanted emails. Be aware of these. Always be update with the latest changes. The best is don’t flood people’s e-mail accounts with lot of promotional mail.
Although you have to be careful, don’t forget the fact that people subscribe to the list; because they want to receive the newsletters and promotional materials. Before subscribing for the list, they have consented to being on the list.
Another important factor is to keep your list clean and manageable. For that, you can use the help of a tool. It is easy to Arrange by using many tools and technologies available. Some may want to pay. But do not worry; you’ll be able to cover your expenses if you promote the email list effectively.
Here are three important things to avoid when emailing your list.

1) Take notice of your unsuccessful sends.
Unsuccessful sends are the e-mails that bounce. Bounced emails, which are also known as undeliverable messages, are those which were not successfully delivered to the email owner. These emails were not received by the intended recipient.
There can be few reasons for a email bounce.

A bounces can occur because the server was busy at that time of delivering.However,if this is the reason, still it can be delivered in another time.
Another reason for a bounces is due to the inbox of the recipient is full at that time of delivery. You may also see bounce messages which are simply undeliverable always. This type of bounce can occur due to an invalid email address, or a misspelled email address or an email address that was erased already.

Always manage your list by giving attention on those emails that bounce. Remove an email account from your list if there are bounces always.so that you have an accurate statistics and records of how many subscribers are actually receiving your mail. This is helpful to manage your emails.Because as a good blogger you need to focus on the statistics like how many people opened your email,how many people made a click on the link provided,if there is any progress on click rate and so on.

2) Always provide an unsubscribe feature
Always don’t forget to share an unsubscribe option every time in your opt-in list .With this you avoid any confusion. There may be times that some people provide an email account but the real owner of that email didn’t want to subscribe.
When someone in your list wants to be unsubscribed, always take that request seriously. If you don’t allow them to unsubscribe from the list and keep sending them e-mails, that makes you a spammer.
There is no good when you are reported as a spammer. This simple fact can make you and your blog into a lot of trouble. Even you can be reported to the authorities. In the worst case, you maybe blacklisted by many internet service providers. Even if you don’t have an intention to spam them or you do that because you are unaware of this fact, the end result can be serious.Therefore, keep this point in mind.
For example,I have a yahoo email from more than 10 years and I used that email for my personal use.Sometimes I receive forwarding emails from friends and I could see that they do not use the BCC option. Instead, anyone can see my email together with others.Lately,I started to receive lot of ad campaigns from email marketing networks.I never subscribed to them. When I wanted to unsubscribe, there were no options. For some networks, I replied asking to unsubscribe. Although I unsubscribed from one network,the next day I receive another email from another ad network. Finally I created a new email for my personal use and never shared it with friends those who just forward emails.I understand the reason. Someone has stolen the emails and created a big list of emails.I am sure he sells that to people who are looking for email lists.
Do you know what I do now whenever I see an email from any ad network? Before unsubscribing, I simply make that email as spam.
3) Do not provide disturbing content in your newsletters.
It is important to consider about the information you share with others through your email list. Never share any information that can disturb your readers. Also you are not aware of the age of the recipient on the other side. Also make sure to avoid Controversial issues .This will be helpful for you to maintain a healthy email list.

Above are some tips that help you to keep a healthy and good relationship with your subscribers. Keep those in mind and don’t forget still an email list is a great way to promote your blog and also for a profitable business.

Do you have any more tips to add to the above list?

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  1. Rkadg says:

    these tips are very helpful and must know as bloggers.I am also with you,I dont like when I recieve emails where there is no ‘unsubscribe’option

    1. Amila says:

      thanks for the comment,glad to hear your idea about sending emails…

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