4 Tips for Networking with other Bloggers

Do you want to network with other bloggers?
A Successful blog is not something happen overnight. It involves so much hard work and time to create and build up a successful blog. it is also important to create relationships with other individuals who have similar interests While building your blog, .If you don’t have readers or subscribers, then to whom you are sharing posts?


However, most bloggers do not understand the importance of networking and sharing with other bloggers. Do you know, the network you create is what contributes to the eventual success of your blog that you are hoping for?

How to Network with other bloggers?

If you are a new blogger, then this can be your question.
Here are some really easy tips to follow to connect with other bloggers.

Commenting on other blogs

Blog commenting is one of the best ways to connect with other blogs. Although Blog commenting is one of the easiest ways to create a network you can ruin the opportunity by sharing a comment such as ‘nice post’ and moving on. Always share thoughtful comments on other blogs, so there is a possibility that blog owner will visit your blog or connect with you.

On the other way, if people comment on your blog, then try to Give meaningful replies without ignoring them.However,it is not easy to reply for each & every comment. But, try to reply for at least few random comments. Also don’t forget to reply if a reader asks a question.

Guest Posts

Still guest posting is a powerful way to build network. Always Share something of interest to the blog that you share a post. Also you can allow other bloggers to share posts on your own page. In this way, you’ll find new readers to your blog.

Follow/subscribe to Other Blogs

Always follow other blogs. Not only the benefit of networking, you will also get more information/posts about the niche you are blogging. By following other blogs, you are able to see what are the hot topics which people tend to share. Same time there is a chance that the blog owner will follow you too.

Share Links to Other Blogs

Giving an external link is a good idea when you consider SEO. Also by giving a link to a blog which you think is a good and helpful blog is a way to get the attention of that blogger.. Also share other blogs on your social network pages. There is a chance that the other blogger will do the same for your blog.

As a summary,

To network with other bloggers,

  • Comment on other blogs
  • Share & allow Guest Posts
  • Follow/subscribe to Other Blogs
  • Share Links to Other Blogs

Do you have any other tips than this? Please share.

2 thoughts on “4 Tips for Networking with other Bloggers

  1. Urvashi says:

    I love your site and especially this post, I found it very helpful. I am new at blogging and have been busy lately to update any posts on my site. I am not sure if I have any followers or if anyone reads my blog. Your tips are very helpful and will come handy now that I am back and ready to add more posts.
    thank you

    1. Amila says:

      Hi Urvashi,
      thanks for your comment and glad to know it is helpful.
      Networking with other bloggers is always important as a blogger.That help to improve your blog readability and to gain more followers.

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