5 Tips to Earning Income With Amazon

Amazon is one of the major networks that offers a great range of products for consumers .Therefore as an Amazon affiliate ,one can earn a considerable commission if they do it right. Although the commission percentage is low, don’t forget the fact that people trust Amazon. Therefore there is a tendency that people buy products from Amazon and even they buy more products.

Below are some tips for you if you like to earn some more revenue from Amazon

#1 Select the right niche & products for you

First decide your niche. Once you decide on a niche, you can begin to move forward by selecting proper products under that niche.
Try to select the niche matching with your blog. it is easier to make money through Amazon affiliate program when you share links to products which are matching with your blog content topics. When the people who reach your blog look for a specific product and if you have provided a link to a similar product they search for, chances are they will click the link to Amazon. They may end up with a purchasing.

#2 Create Several Links to Amazon.com

Create few links to Amazon inside your article. The more links you create to Amazon, the better. Each link in your article is an opportunity to bring a customer to the product page. This increases the chances for you to make a commission.

#3 Share links Within Your Content

This is an important tip. Majority of Amazon income for most bloggers are through the text links they place within their blog posts. Always a simple text links is more effective and it is a good way to get visitors to click.
Usually readers pay more attention to the content and they are more likely to click these text links placed within the post. Therefore it is important to share text links than image than links.

#4 Share Product Reviews to generate more sales

Although there are many ways you can write a post to include an affiliate link, a quality product review is still powerful. Usually people check for reviews when they are ready to buy. On the other way, a quality product review with much details get a higher click through rate. This means you can increase sales by sharing good reviews for products.

#5 Always be Transparent when you share affiliate links

It is a good practice and of course a requirement to disclose if you use affiliate links in your posts. Never try to trick your readers to click links. Instead disclose in your post that you are using affiliate links. This makes a potential buyer to click through your links.

Above are some of my tips to generate earnings with Amazon affiliate.

Do you have any other tips?If so please share below in comments section.

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