5 Tips to Write a Better Blog Post

As a blogger there may be times that you struggle with the question of content.
Although you have the best ideas, you may struggle to create the great content for the web. Truly, if you don’t know how to use your idea to generate a quality content, it won’t be successful in most cases.Also check this post on how to write blog posts fast.

Consider your blog; every part of it has a value. It should be with right
font, color, design, etc. However the most important part of your website is your content.

Without quality content, your website cannot survive. In other words, Content Rules!!

Therefore below are some helpful tips to create quality content for your blog.These tips might be helpful in creating some engaging posts to your blog.

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  • Always begin with the ending in mind.

Just imagine an inverted pyramid when you write. Start your first paragraph with the point idea of your post. Then slowly take away and expand the post.When you write it is also important to keep seo in mind.Here are some seo tips for bloggers.

  • Write short sentences.

Use short sentences where possible. This will make the blog post simple and readable by anyone.. Only use the words which you need to share the essential information throughout the post..
Long “wordy” sentences and paragraphs may make a post difficult to read.

  • Write in short paragraphs

Blog posts need to be concise and straight to-the-point.
The truth is, most people usually scan web posts with a glance, therefore having short, and straight to the point paragraphs are better than long wordy paragraphs.

  • Write with action words.

This is one of the important points. Always tell your readers what to do. Use action words and avoid the passive voice.
Action words will help you keep the flow of your pages moving. This will make it more exciting for your reader.
Within your post, give them the actions they need to follow to achieve something, Show them what will be the final achievement if they do so.

  • Include internal sub-headings.

Always use sub-headings if you want to describe more details. By providing sub headings, you make the text easier to scan. This will help Your readers to move to the
sections of the document that is most useful for them.

Although there are many things to consider when writing a good quality blog content, above are some helpful tips that any blogger should follow.
Try the above tips in your next blog post and see if there is any difference in user engagement.

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