The Blogventures is all about helpful blogging tips for fellow bloggers.Through this blog I wish to share tips and ideas which helped me to become a successful blogger.

I am a Singapore based blogger who loves writing.This is why I have few blogs for different niche.

Before starting this blog,I already developed a blog called ‘Food Corner‘ and still I really enjoy most of my time there while developing and sharing recipes with others.

Why I created this Blog

Few months ago,I shared some posts about blogging in my Food Blog.Surprisingly I received a good response and more requests for posts clarifying some doubts which most of fellow bloggers are facing.

Though I shared few posts related to blogging,I really didn’t want to disturb readers who follow Food Corner for recipes.Then,as a next solution I started a Newsletter for blog tips.

Within few weeks of launching the Newsletter,it received more subscribers than I expected.

Finally,this is the result.I thought it would be a good idea to have a separate blog for blogging tips and I hope to share helpful posts time to time.


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