5 Best Tips to Boost Your Pinterest Marketing Results

Tips to Boost Your Pinterest Marketing Results

Pinterest is one of the popular social media networks that attracts traffic to blogs and websites. But, if you don’t use it right, you cannot get the best results. As one of the sites that send me lot of traffic specially for my food blog, I always optimize my images as Pinterest friendly, so readers tend to pin those. On the other way, when I pin a post that is shared in many accounts when the image is Pinterest friendly.

The following 5 tips will help you boost your Pinterest marketing results, getting you closer to the business goals you are trying to reach.You will see more re-pins and also more traffic to your sites.

1.Show Multiple Products in a Single Pin

Why not make an image displaying several things that you offer your prospects? This adds value to a single pin by displaying multiple offerings, products and services. You also have a better chance of engaging and appealing more users by showing multiple options.

2. Use As Many Keywords in Promoted Pins As Pinterest Will Let You

This is where some marketers really miss the boat. Pinterest recommends using 20 to 30 keywords with your promoted pins. Include main keywords, related phrases and long-tail keywords as well, and max out the 20 to 30 word recommendation.

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 more traffic to your sites

3. Include Text Overlay

Add text on top of your images. The vast majority of pins on Pinterest are just graphics or images. Yours stands out and adds value to your message when you include a text overlay on top of your images.

4. Take Advantage of Image Height

It can be tough to stick out on a crowded Pinterest page. Image size matters a great deal when someone has so many different pieces of content for their eyes to take in. You can choose the height of your images, even though Pinterest automatically scales all images you upload to a specific width. Taller, vertical pins  perform better on Pinterest than shorter pins.

5. Display Each Phase of a Step-By-Step Process

This is an ingenious way to turn one piece of content into multiple pins. Capture an image of each phase of a step-by-step process, creating a pin for each image.

Also you should be including keywords and phrases you are trying to rank for in your pin descriptions. Research also shows that when you create descriptions of 200 to 300 words, you have the greatest chance at engagement, likes, repins and comments.



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