Decorate Your Blog for the Holidays

Decorate Your Blog for the Holidays

It is holiday season! Everyone is in festive mood.How about you?I am sure you also in same cheerful mood while cooking for holidays, arranging gifts, decorating home and so on. Did you think of changing the blog theme or header for the season?

It is great if you change the design or add some extras to make your blog more festive. That will sure make your readers more cheerful! Not only the blog, can you also change the facebook page cover, Google plus page header etc if time permits.

Anyway don’t stress about this one. This is not a must, but still it is nice if you can do so. I am happy if I can do this for my all blogs. I still try to do that and below I gathered some easy ideas to dress your blogs and other profiles for holiday season.

Here are some easy tips to Decorate Your Blog for the Holidays

#1. Change the blog theme/template

You can change the blog template entirely to match with the season. In wordpress, there are themes available. You can change the blog to a different theme for few days till the holidays are over.
However, here are some tips to keep in mind.

-Make sure your current theme is backed up.
-Check the appearance after the changes, Check whether it will affect the readability or not.
-Be sure to change it back after the holidays.

#2.Change the blog header


Another option is to change the blog header and or fan page headers. I use picmonkey to create new headers easily.

Check this tutorial on how to create an Eye Catching Facebook Page Banner

#3.Write festive related posts and include festive images

If you are like me and not sure that you are able to remove and change the headers after few days, the easiest is to share festive related blog posts during the holiday season. I am sure most readers are in holiday mood and they will like to read seasonal posts.

Here are few tips to consider if you plan to share holiday related posts,

-Add few festive looking cheerful photos into your post. Use some different fonts and add words to your photos with related photos. Here are some tips to edit photos for pinterest.

-Write the post in cheerful tone. Just change your tone and write as you talk to someone in front of you.

-Share some related posts from other fellow bloggers with your readers. Sharing is caring, specially during the holiday season.Some useful tips for holiday season will be perfect to share.

#4.Give something for your readers

Holiday season is the perfect season for giveaways. Holiday gifts play an important role during these days. So, why don’t you arrange few giveaways? I am sure readers will love it.
Here are few tips.

-Try to find some sponsors for few giveaways. You can contact companies who reached you for product reviews. They will be happy to sponsor a giveaway for your readers.

-If possible, you can spend some money for a gift depending on your niche of the blog.

-Other than giveaways from sponsors, consider sharing some freebies and offers with the readers.
Below are some offers and freebies I tried and found useful.

– you can share about 1 month free Royale features of photo editing  during these holidays if you sign up for a free account.
-Also you can offer some free online cooking classes if you have a food blog. Share the news of a free photography class for family portraits, this will be a good freebie for any blog niche because family portraits are popular during this season. Readers will love to know some tips on taking better portraits.

Other than that, recently I shared a post about 50% discounts from Tea Collection and noted that there are good numbers of views for that post.

#5.Make sure to share a Holiday Greeting card with your readers.

Well, sometimes I also forget this. But it is nice if you can create a greeting card and schedule the post in advance. So that it will be live on festive days like Christmas and New year.
Here is a tutorial on How to make a Holiday photo card.

Above are few tips which I thought of doing with my blogs. Hope some of these are applicable to you to make some seasonal cheerful mood!

Do you have any more ideas to share? Please share below as comments.

And don’t forget to enter this giveaway I host in Food Corner!

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Rkadg says:

    thanks for sharing my blog post in this article.Also these are very helpful tips and reminded me to do something related to the season.

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