How to Create a Blog Media Kit

How-to-Create-A -blog-Media-Kit

A Media kit is an essential for any blog if you plan to share advertisements or sponsored content.In above post I shared some important tips on how to create a Media kit.Also I included my Media kit as an inspiration for you.

Here are few things to note before making your own media kit.

Make it short

Most of the cases, companies have shortlisted or pre-selected you before contacting you. Therefore, no need to write a lot about you and your blog in your media kit.It will only make your Media kit long .Try to write it short and simple.

Make it in a way neat and organized

Make your Media kit easy to read. Avoid lot of letters, graphics, and images.Just write the key points which related to the blog. Keep much white space than filling it with lot of graphic images and colours.If the Media kit looks neat and less clutter,that will definitely get attracted to the company you send.

Make it interested to read

As PR agents or company representatives are  busy,try to create your Media kit with a think of them.Just think,whether they will read or not.In most cases, they only want to see the specific details of the blog such as statistics and followers etc. Therefore write it short in a way it is easy to scan in a glance.A simple format with highlighting the most important data will be good enough.

Highlight the key information

Remember to highlight the most important data such as followers,page views etc.Basically what brands are looking for is your statistics and social media impact. Therefore, write those in a point form and in a simple way.

Update it regularly

Always, keep it a habit to update the media kit at least once a month.Dont forget the fact that ,the followers are growing and blog traffic increases for any successful blog.Then, why don’t you show your latest data for the companies?

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How to create a Media Kit for your Blog and a Sample Media Kit



How to create a Media Kit for your Blog and a Sample Media Kit – See more at:
How to create a Media Kit for your Blog and a Sample Media Kit – See more at: