How to Create a Wedding Website

If you are looking for a way to create a blog or a website for your wedding, you’ve come to the right place. Blogs are not only for other things such as your hobbies, or day to day activities. You can also create a website for your own dreamy wedding.

If you wonder how to create wedding website, here are few options for you. I hope this guidance is helpful for you to write down all your wedding memories.

Why wedding website?

So you’ve engaged and next is to plan your wedding. Now, you may think of why do you want to have a wedding website? Forget about diaries and scrapbooks. Instead share all your memories in a website. Other than sharing the memories; you can use this wedding website to share invitations to your guests. Your guests will also able to RSVP through your wedding website.

What are the things to include in your wedding website?

Well, now you’re engaged! And, planning your wedding. But, you are wondering what the things to include in your website are.

Here are few suggestions.

  • You can write your love story
  • Details and planning of your wedding
  • Your shopping experience
  • How did you select the bridal dress?
  • You can also share about your bridesmaids and their dresses, design, colour and the wedding shop you bought.
  • Share your invitation and also provide the facility to RSVP
  • Moreover that you can also share if you get a huge discount or lucky enough to buy expensive dresses for an affordable rate
  • And many more….



  • And don’t forget to include photos of your bridal dress, moments at your bridal shop, memories that you never forget during your wedding preparation in your website.


  • Also include a section to share your experience and tips to plan a wedding. I am sure these tips will be helpful for your friends and family members who are going to be married very soon.You can easily share your tips on how to buy a wedding gown,how to match bridesmaid dresses etc with your friends.

How to create a wedding website?

To create a wedding website, you can go for paid option and free option.
Here are few sites which they offer the facility to create a wedding website.


with this site you can easily find a theme and a template for your website. Then follow the easy instructions to create your wedding website.

Create your free wedding website at


This is another great site to create a wedding website. They offer both paid and free option.Check how to create a wedding website with RSVP.

If you are from India, then this website may be an easy option. Try them. They also provide some easy way to create a website for your wedding.

Hope you will check above sites to create your wedding website. Finally, it is your day and keep many memories as possible!


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    I used for create own wedding website service create wedding website

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      Thanks for introducing.Hope this is a completely free service.

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