How to Drive Traffic to your Business Blog

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Blogging is one of the best ways to attract leads to your business. This is why every business owner should have a blog section in your website. Although it is not necessary to frequently blog as a usual full time blogger, you can update your business blog frequently to stay up to date with search engines. And don’t forget that organic traffic to your website is a key to success and growth!

Well, now you decide to write a blog and update it frequently. How to get more traffic to read your blog posts? First of all, remember to publish blog posts that are relevant to your business niche. In this article we don’t discuss anything about general blogging or hobby blogging.

Choose niche relevant blog topics

Always choose topics that are relevant to your target audience. Use keyword search to find the search volumes and by analyzing such keywords, you can create your topic ideas. A nice example is the blog of Colorado REIA .

Traffic to your Business Blog

They are a real estate investment group that meets every third Wednesday of the month at the PPA Event Center .They offer opportunities for inventors, realtors, private money lenders, and all things real estate related. They also do HANDS ON training for their members and students.

And, how they use their blog to attract potential leads?

If you check closely, their blog topics are related to their niche Real Estate and through the blog posts they provide advice to their potential clients.

They have blog posts that are relevant to real estate niche. By sharing niche related blog posts, it is easy to drive leads that convert as buyers later.

Solve problems through your blog posts

Now you want traffic to your business blog. Therefore, pay attention on increasing organic traffic with potential to be your customers. Then think of the issues that your readers may undergo. Write the articles that help your readers with the solutions. Eventually these solutions should include call in action at the end of the article that can convert your reader.

Don’t forget social media

Traffic to your Business Blog

Although a business owner can be busy with other tasks, you cannot forget the value of social media. You can hire a social media manager or virtual assistant for such tasks. Create social media accounts in popular media including Facebook, Twitter and instagram. Share your blogs on these places and update frequently. Measure the results through Google analytics account. You will see more traffic from these accounts which are worth for considering repeating the same action!

Above are the basic tips that every business owner should follow in order to grow their business through blogging. If you have other tips, please share below.

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