How to Plan a Blog Workshop

How to Plan a Blog Workshop

As a blogger you have come a long way. Now it is time to share your expertise. How to share knowledge with others who like to start their own blog? Do you know that having your own workshop can also earn you money? With all these ideas in mind, here are some of the important steps to plan your blog workshop.

If you don’t have any clue on how to plan a blog workshop then you can use these tips to start. Then you will get more ideas to improve your workshop plan. And finally you will be another blogger who runs workshops!

Decide your topic

When you want to plan your workshop, it is important to decide the topic first. Blogging is a vast subject which even includes topics such as starting a blog, design a beautiful blog, monetize a blog and SEO for a blog. There are many other topics too. Therefore it is important to choose your topic. You can even choose a topic that suits your niche.

How to Plan a Blog Workshop

Find a place

If you conduct workshops online, then you don’t have to worry about venue. Otherwise it is important to think about your workshop venue. Although you don’t have any fixed date and time at this moment, it is better to search about venues available and their price range. So you have an idea to plan your workshop better. There are workshop venues which you can rent for floor area basis which can bring huge saving compared to whole room rental. This design space London is one of such examples which you can find more details. As this is your first time for planning a workshop, consider available different options to choose the best.

Bring the word out

It is also important to bring the word out about your new workshop. While you plan your workshop content, you can also start marketing of it. Use your blog and social media to give some publicity. In this way you can easily attract others to join your first workshop.

After these basic steps, plan your content for the workshop and continue working on it until you launch your first blog workshop.

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