How to Reduce Blog Bounce Rate

Blog bounce rate is an important factor same as blog traffic and other measures. Usually most of us pay attention to increasing the blog traffic, but not much attention to the bounce rate.

What is Blog Bounce Rate?

Simply Bounce rate is the percentage of people who arrive on your site and leave without visiting a second page. Bounce rate will give some indication of the behavior of your visitors. If you have a lower bounce rate, which indicates that your visitors stay long in your site reading other posts.

What is a good blog Bounce Rate?

As we found above, bounce rate is an indication of the behavior of the readers. If they visit another site just after landing to your site, it is not a good measure. Final result is that you will get a higher bounce rate. So, obviously it is good to have a lower rate as your sites bounce rate.

Usually for blogs, around 70% bounce rate is accepted; however that rate depends on the type of site. For an online shop, it is a different rate.

How to reduce blog Bounce Rate?

Here are few things that you can apply for your blog to make your visitors stick around and hence to reduce the bounce rate.

#1: Link out moderately

Actually linking out to quality and relevant sites within your blog post is a good practice. Always it is good to link to an authority site when you write a post. However try to link out moderately

This doesn’t mean that you never link out to external sites due to the reason of losing visitors. Giving links are always good for networking.

But, things like placing a “Blogroll” section on top of your sidebar would be a bad idea when you consider the bounce rate. This is something to encourage your visitors to leave your site even before they read your content. Just think of this!

If you have a spammy blog roll in your site, check and take actions. Remove all unnecessary external links from your blog

Also make sure that external links open in a new window. This will ensure that visitors still stay in your page, although they visit another site.

#2: Make a clear navigation structure

It is important to Show a clear navigation path to your readers. So they will read some more interest posts before they actually leave your site. If they feel they can’t find what they are looking for, more chances are that they will just leave without checking few more posts.

#3: Show your popular content to visitors

How to add Related Posts Widget to your-3

This is another important factor to keep your visitors in your blog reading more content. Show your best content to the visitors either below any post or in your side bar. It is natural; people like to click on a popular post to see what it is about.

In blogger, you can use ‘popular posts’ gadget to show all popular posts on your side bar.
Read: How to install popular posts gadget in a blogger blog
Instead of popular posts, you can also share ‘recent posts’. Finally, what we need is, Visitors to stay more time reading the blog posts if they found those posts are helpful.

#4: Show related content

How to reduce blog bounce rate

Show related content after the blog posts. This is a great way to reduce the bounce rate on your site. Because users will find more related posts to read, there are chances that they will spend more time on your site by reading few more posts.Instead of text links,show related posts with thumbnails to get more reader attraction.

How to show related posts after each post?

If you get this doubt, my answer is that it is really simple.
You can easily use a widget or a plugin to show related posts for blogger or wordpress blog.

If you use blogger: Then read this post on how to install related content widget for a blogger blog.

For wordpress sites, still you can use and it is really easy to install. I use it for this blog too and it is a great way to show related content to the readers.

Simply read how to install related content widget for wordpress.

#5: Link to archived related posts within your blog post

Although you show related content after the blog post, it is also important to link to some other posts which relates to the post you are writing. This will increase your page views as readers tend to click and read the posts you’ve linked. However remember to link to a helpful post while reading the current post. For example, in this post, I linked to a tutorial on how to show popular posts in a blogger blog. So, if the reader wants more details, he will definitely look that posts too.

There are many other tips too to help to increase blog views. Among all other things, the most important thing is to create quality content. If you share valuable information for your readers, definitely they will spend time on your blog. So, keep in mind. No matter what niche you are writing. Always deliver your best to the readers.

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