How to Select an Affiliate Programme


If you are into monetizing your blog, affiliate marketing is one of the major ways to earn by selling others products for a commission. However, you still need to work hard to get a decent income from it. Before anything, the most important thing is to select the best affiliate programmes which earns more for you. To be successful with any product and to get more sales, first you need to join with correct affiliate programmes.

Below are few facts I consider before joining with any programme.

Check how the product suit with your blog audience.

If you are a blogger, then you plan to promote the products through your blog. Therefore, first think of products that suit with your audience. Even though there are other products which gives you a higher commission, joining with them and marketing those in your blog is the start point of chasing your readers away. So, be careful when selecting a products.

Check the cookie duration of the selected product

After selecting a product, before applying for it, I usually check the cookie length. Some products gives a higher commission like 50%,but there cookie length is like 1 day. That means if the reader you sent to the sales page needs to buy within 24 hours for you to qualify for a commission. For me, I don’t think most people will buy products when they just landed to a sales page. Instead they will spend some more time reading reviews, searching for other similar products, features etc.
Therefore I always join with programmes with higher cookie length. Mostly I prefer to have at least 30 days cookie length. That means, if they buy within 30 days, I still earn a commission.

The minimum payout

Almost all affiliate programmes specify a minimum pay out. For example, ShareASale needs a minimum balance of $50 in your account before sending a payment. However, as shareasale is an affiliate network, it is really easy to reach the minimum each month. But if you are in different individual programmes, most probably you’ll need more sales to get the first payment.

Check reviews

Before joining with any affiliate product, I usually search google for product reviews. If more people prefer that product, then it will be easier to promote the product. However, though the product is with positive reviews, try to promote products which you are familiar with and which you actually like. Usually I write to the affiliate manager and check the possibility of getting a product sample. So, I am able to use it actually and then promote it.

The support for affiliates

Usually I prefer to join with programmes where there is a dedicated affiliate Manager. Then it is really easy to promote the product and get help from them. Specially ,if you are a beginner, then it is good to select programmes with support.

I am in few affiliate programmes, but my most favourite and most profitable programme is ShareASale . It is a network. Therefore lots of products are managed under their network. Because of this, it is really easy to control one account and finally it is one payment from all affiliate products I promote. That makes life easier than maintaining more accounts.

How do you select affiliate programmes to join? Are there any more tips to include to my list?


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