How to Use Outreach to Drive Traffic to Your Site

It is again all about blog traffic! Yes, still traffic is important for any blog. It is no use if you write daily but no one read the content. So, focus on attracting more traffic to your blog that will make you standing out from other bloggers. More traffic is more income, in other way.
Although I’ve talked about tips for generating traffic to any blog before, I still want to share some of my latest findings. These tips are really awesome to create an engaging blog with more readers.

Outreach to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Today, it is all about attracting traffic with outreach.

What is Outreach? It is all that you need to attract more traffic to your blog. It is all about the methods and ways you use to reach out to new clients/readers via social media, or email. With outreach, you can simply ask others to share and promote posts from your blog.How to use Outreach to drive traffic to your site?

So, here are some tips for you. In this article, I am going to cover the some strategies on how to use outreach to attract more traffic to your blog.

#.Linking to related sources in your post

Find credible sources when you write a blog post. Giving a link out is not a bad idea at all. Even it will increase your SEO score. Find related sources and give a link to that. Even your readers will be happy to read more detailed posts related to the topic you are talking. That will also earn the trust of your readers because you show them some other related sources about the topic. Also, there are chances that the site owner of the post you linked will promote your post in their social media. That’s a good way to attract more new readers to your site.

#.Build a list of bloggers that share your blog posts:

Do you have some idea of the bloggers who share your posts? Even they are in your social media pages. So, keep a list of them. Creating a list of bloggers is not that time consuming task. When you have a list of bloggers who helps to market your blog posts, then you can outreach by linking them in your posts or by sharing their content. Sure, you will get a good return!

#.Submit your blog posts to blog communities

Other than sharing in major social media sites, try to share your blog posts with major blog communities. Sverve is one of my favorite places to mingle with other bloggers. By submitting your posts to these sites, you will gain more exposure. Simply share other bloggers’ articles, follow them and check their blogs. This is a great way to connect with others and gain more visitors to your blog. Other than that, there are lots of linky parties around. Select few of your favorite linky parties and share your posts weekly. Once you know which the best are and engaging link parties, simply you can participate each week and gain more page views.

Do you have any more tips?Please share.


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