How to Use Social Media to Improve Your French Language Skills

Tips For Increasing Your Social Media Engagement

Today, Social Media plays a major role and it connects people. Interacting with others via social networking sites is much popular and it is difficult to find anyone who doesn’t have at least a Facebook account. How about you? How many social media accounts you use for interacting with others online?

French is a widely used language around the global. If you are in a process of learning French as a new language or even if you are teaching French to your kids, Social Media is a best way to help improving your French language skills.

With help of a French tutor and with the help of resources to learn French, it is easier to learn French with more interaction and fun.

Before writing this post, I researched on French learning resources, especially for kids and beginners. There are also number of blogs that helps beginners to learn French with free resources such as flash cards and worksheets.

Follow Twitter accounts on French words and languages


How to Use Social Media to Improve Your French Language skills

Twitter provides social engagement in an interesting way. If you follow Twitter accounts about French language daily, you can simply find new words to your French vocabulary. It is always easier to learn a new language if there are interest activities. You simply don’t need to put much effort for your French vocabulary improvement. Instead try reading tweets from French language accounts and try to understand or try to learn new French words. If you want to find some French language accounts to follow, simply search for hashtag, #Frenchwords in Twitter.Then you will get the idea on which accounts to follow.

Learn French with YouTube and songs


How to Use Social Media to Improve Your French Language skills

Videos are a great way to learn any language. With beginners French learning programs you can easily learn new phrases and words in French. Most of these French teaching YouTube channels share lot of videos with complete course materials. Simply select a preferred course for you or for your kids and start following it properly in an order. That will help you to improve your knowledge in French with no much effort.

Use Pinterest for your French learning

Ah Pinterest! Are you addicted? Truly I am addicted and it is always interesting to hang with Pinterest whenever I am waiting in a queue or travelling alone in a bus. So, how about following some French language accounts? Daily you will find dozens of visual memes, flash cards and other language materials. Even kids will love to see flash cards in French.Search with the hashtag #Frenchlanguage,you’ll get what you want.

According to French Tutor Yasmin, French is a very easy language to learn. With the help of French learning resources and help of a French tutor you can easily teach French for your kids. If it is one of your interests, then why don’t you have a look into this French Tutor in Thornhill to download some free French worksheets and start learning the new language?

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