Is your Site Mobile Friendly?Get ready for the next Google update!

Is your Site Mobile Friendly?Get ready to the next Google update!It is official.Google is going to launch another algorithm!

You may probably know that Google is going to launch an algorithm to give priority to mobile friendly sites in search appearance. That means if your site is mobile friendly, then there is a huge chance to appear in top results in Google search. However, this is just one factor Google consider among many others to rank a site in search results.

However, although there are other factors, mobile friendliness will be an important factor. So, it is better to prepare for the changes.

As per Google, these changes will effect from April 21, 2015.So it is better to active now and prepare for the changes as this can affect the traffic and growth of your blog.


Is your site mobile friendly?


Now, if you are wondering about your site’s mobile friendliness, don’t worry. You can simply test it using this tool.



I checked mobile friendliness for my blog Food Corner using the above tool and results says it is mobile friendly.

How-to-check-mobily-friendliness-of-a-site-2If the blog is not mobile friendly,there will be some suggestions.So,you can implement those to make the site mobile friendly.

Also use Google webmaster tools to find how many pages of your site are mobile friendly.

If you consider your site seriously and would like to receive more organic traffic from Google search,it is better to prepare for the updates.

For more information and details,have a look into this post Finding more mobile-friendly search results shared by Google webmasters.

Now it is your turn.

Is your site mobile friendly?


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