How to Monetize a blog with ShareASale


ShareASale is an affiliate network and it has become my favourite affiliate network within few months after sign up. Now my most of the income is from this network and I am glad to stay as an affiliate there.

What is ShareASale


ShareASale is an Affiliate Marketing Network and they are in business from over 13 years. They provide an advanced Affiliate Marketing platform where merchants are able to increase their sales through affiliates. In return affiliates will earn a commission for each sale they make.

How to join
Joining with ShareASale is completely free. You can simply sign up by filling there sign up form.
How you can earn
First you have to sign up with ShareASale
Once your blog is approved, then you have to select merchants to join. After joining with different merchants, you can promote their products on your blog.
For each sale you make, you’ll get a commission.
Other than that, some merchants offer sponsored posts. You only have to post those Sponsored posts on your blog and you’ll get the fee for posting.
How to get payment
One of the interesting things I like with ShareASale is that each sale commission from merchants goes to my ShareASale account. Therefore it is really easy to reach the minimum payout of $50 in few days or within a month when you just joined.
ShareASale pays each month directly to your account or they will mail a check. I receive my payment through the direct deposit to my bank account. In some months, even I forget the dates. But I receive the payment from them. So far I didn’t have any issue with payments.
How to select merchants to join

There are lots of merchants partner with this network. Therefore it is not easy to find the best merchants to join with. Initially I also joined with many programs and later found the best programs that I am able to increase my blog income.
Before joining with a merchant, read their commission, cookie length and other terms. If those fit with you and specially readers of the blog, then apply for joining.
What to do if your request is rejected

Sometimes, you may reject from merchants and most of the merchants will provide the reason. However if you think it is by a mistake, write to the affiliate manager and request a reconsideration.

For example, I applied for Craftsy Affiliate program because they conduct cooking and cake classes.  This is perfect to share with my food blog Food Corner.

However, I was rejected. Because I cannot see a reasonable reason for the rejection, I just wrote to the Affiliate Manager .In my email I shared that I’d like to promote Craftsy Cooking classes on my blog. Also I shared some of my page views and social media followers. Within a day, they approved me as an affiliate. Now Craftsy is one of the best merchants where I am able to earn each month.

How to promote products from merchants

Once you joined with the programs, you can promote those products through blog posts or through Banner advertisements. Most of the programs are with a dedicated Affiliate Manager which directly keeps contacts with you. Most of the Affiliate Managers will teach you how to promote their products. Therefore it is really easy to learn and earn with ShareASale even if you are beginner.

At the time I joined with ShareASale, I really didn’t understand how to promote products and earn an income. But with time, I learned a lot and also earned with the support of Affiliate Managers.

My favourite Merchants on ShareASale

Below are the list of my favourite merchants from ShareASale. I promote below merchants due to few reasons. Please note, every merchant listed below don’t have all these reasons I share. However, it will be a length post if I share the benefits of each program.

In general, I like to promote their products due to the reasons,
-These products are highly convertable. Therefore it is easy to generate sales.
-They provide a free coupon or a product to get the real experience on their product. That facilitates me to experience the product and share a honest review and therefore some sales.
-Some merchants send sponsored posts which I earn for posting those on my blog. Most of the posts are pre-written. Therefore it is really easy to share within few minutes.
-Dedicated Affiliate Manager who sends some tips to promote their products and they also provide the support to clarify some doubts.
-Longer cookie lengths and high commission rates.
-Some programs pay a referral fee for sending new affiliates to join with their program.
Below are my list of favourite ShareASale merchants.I hope you’ll earn more by joining with these merchants.If you are already an affiliate,check if there is a new merchant to sign up.If you are not,then start by creating an account with ShareAsale.

Tea Collection
Stella & Dot
One Kings Lane



Join, Earn Cash!

2 thoughts on “How to Monetize a blog with ShareASale

  1. Vianna says:

    Do you have an idea when can I reapply again? My request was declined T>T

    1. Amila Wickramarachchi says:

      As I remember,if your blog is at least 3 months old and contains more than 20 blog posts,then you can apply.Simply wait for another 3 months and reapply again.Then,they’ll consider.

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