Most Important SEO Tips for Every Blogger

Most Important SEO Tips

Many bloggers complain that SEO is hard. Some bloggers work extremely hard to attract traffic to their blogs. But, the truth is if you do it correctly SEO is not hard.

Yes,it is true.SEO is not hard for any blogger even if you are a beginner.

According to the experts of this London seo company ,search engine optimisation is still a primary ranking factor which can increase your online business profits.

But, remember, you have to do it in the correct way. If you want to attract organic traffic from the search engines, try these basic methods that help you improving your ranking.

Optimize your URL

You may have heard about the long ugly url structure that doesn’t help to rank your post anymore. Be sure to include the keyword which your article should rank in your url. Further, make sure to keep it short. For each article you write, think of a meaningful title which includes your keyword.

Below is how one of my recent recipes appears in Google for the related keyword.If you notice,I have used a url that includes the keyword this post should rank.

Most Important SEO Tips

Don’t over optimize

Over optimizing is one of the worst things a blogger can do to their blog post. Don’t stuff keywords. Instead of writing to the search engines, start writing your fresh quality content without thinking much about it’s ranking.

After you write the blog article, then fine tune it with inserting keywords and its synonyms naturally. In this way you will end up writing a quality article than stuffing your keywords.

Add internal links

Most bloggers forget the fact of internal link building when they write a blog post. You may have posts that are published before which are still useful and helpful with the topic you discuss. Create links to such articles within your content. After publishing your blog post, don’t forget to edit few other relevant posts and build links to your newly published this way, you can create a good internal link structure for your site and in return you will gain more SEO benefits.

Below capture shows how I have used internal links in this post on digital marketing tips.

Most Important SEO Tips

Above are the easiest to implement SEO tips that will boost your ranking in search engines. Be sure to check your post for basic SEO before you hit publish button.

After publishing your post, don’t forget to share in your social media accounts. Social signals are one of the major factors that decide your ranking.

What about external backlinks? Yes, as per SEO experts, backlinks are still valid in ranking. Therefore build natural backlinks through white hat methods that have power to boost your ranking.

What are your SEO tips for 2019? Let me know as a comment.

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