Pressfarm : How you can Benefit from it for your PR Campaign


For any business to stand out, PR campaigns are essential. Not only for businesses, even for bloggers PR campaigns are helpful for establishing their brand name. Press Releases are one of the most popular ways to attract new traffic to any blog. But, most bloggers don’t know how to distribute their press release. Even some bloggers do not know how to reach potential journals who can spread out about their blog. This is where Pressfarm is really helpful for bloggers and business owners who look for successful PR campaigns. In this article we will discuss how you can benefit from Pressfarm for your PR campaign.

About Pressfarm is designed as a platform which helps anyone to jump start their PR campaign without much hassle. This platform helps you to find journalists who can do press coverage about your startup. Obviously such press coverage will help you to stand out from the crowd.

How you can benefit from it for your PR campaign

Here is how you can benefit from Pressfarm for your startup or even for your popular blog.

Visit Pressfarm and sign up for an account. There are few packages available and you can choose the most suitable package for your startup. The price you pay is worth the benefits you gain as Pressfarm helps you to create brand awareness while increasing your reach. It builds your credibility.

After you choose your package, you can start your PR campaign.

What you can do to increase your reach and product awareness?

You can easily design your press/media kit using the given template. All the necessary things to include such as company background, vision and mission are there. Simply insert photos and videos together with content to come up with your own media kit.

Create your personalized PR action plan for your campaign. You will find help to proof read your press release. To achieve maximum press coverage, there will be trade secrets too which are available after creating an account.

For the basic package you have access to PR media list of 500+ contacts. You can also submit your start up to 25+ directories and websites to gain more exposure. If you choose other packages, benefits are more.

Sounds interesting, right?

I know now you want to start your PR campaign right now. Visit to find out more details.

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