SEO Basics for New Bloggers

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If you just started blogging then you may not have any understanding about SEO or Search Engine optimization. It was same with me few years ago back in 2011. I just started writing my recipe blog with intention of sharing of my recipes. But lately I understood that without the knowledge of SEO it is difficult to keep the blog going. This is why I want to share these SEO basics for new bloggers which I learned over the time.

However instead of learning SEO with practice you can also follow a SEO course to gain knowledge fast.There are SEO experts who conducts classes online and offline. This search engine optimization course Singapore is one of such.

Why SEO?

If there are no readers there is no point of sharing blog articles. Search engines help to feature our blog posts in search results and as a result we receive traffic. However not all blog posts receive traffic from search engine search. This is where every new blogger need to have some understanding about basic SEO.

What are the Basic SEO tips for New Bloggers?

SEO Basics for New Bloggers

Although SEO is a vast area to discuss below are some of the most important things you need to know in order to make your blog post search engine friendly.

Good title is important for your blog post

Some bloggers do the mistake of writing fancy titles when they start blogging. However your blog title need to be descriptive and it should give some idea about your post content. Instead of a title such as ‘when my grand ma cook these delicious dishes’ it is good to say ‘ 5 Best xx recipes’ and or similar title.

Choose your keywords wisely

For SEO it is important to choose low competitive keywords in order to rank in first few results. Use these keywords in your post url and meta description too. Other than that it is also important to use the keyword and similar text in few places of your article. However you have to mention your keyword naturally and don’t over optimize.

If you use WordPress as your blogging platform then Yoast SEO is one of the best plugins that you can use for Search Engine optimization of your blog posts.

 Build backlinks

Link building to your blog posts is still important to rank higher. However it is not the main fact about blogging and driving traffic. You can link internally to your previous articles when you write a new blog post. At the same time share your blog posts in blog post sharing sites. When you write great content there is a possibility that other bloggers will link to you. Guest posting is other popular way of link building.

While above are some basic tips for optimizing your content to search engines, keep in mind about your writing quality. It is important to add value to your readers. It is also important to write well detailed content with necessary resources. Short articles do not rank well if the keyword you try to rank is competitive.

Start applying these basic SEO tips today and be sure to measure the results!

What are your recommended SEO basics for new bloggers?Please share as comments.

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