Tips for an Unforgettable Wedding Website

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With facilities of creating a website or a blog easily, these days more and more couples make it a habit to create their own wedding website to keep memories of their wedding. If you are planning to have a wedding website for your big day, don’t just do it. Instead create a wedding website which includes lot of unforgettable things and events where you are able to remind again during your entire lifetime.

So, for a moment you are becoming a wedding blogger or a wedding website owner who shares details of your own wedding with others through your wedding blog. If so, even if you are a beginner for the world of blogging, here are some tips to create a stunning wedding website.

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First of all, a wedding website is a great way to share all the relevant and important information about your wedding day. You guests will be able to find information and latest happenings of your wedding through the wedding website.
So, here are the tips.

Tips for an unforgettable wedding website

Introduction and your story

Before everything, share with your guests about your idea of this wedding website and thank them for taking their time to check your wedding website and the details. Of course, don’t forget to share your love story and memorable moments. Your guests would love to read those stories with beautiful photos. This is also a great way to introduce your partner to your guests.

Details of the event

Your wedding website should be the accurate information source about your wedding. You can include time and venue of your wedding including the address and a map of the wedding venue. If there are additional information such as dress code, don’t forget to include those in your wedding website. The more the information you are able to give through the website, it will be more helpful for your guests.

Online RSVP

Most of the website builders come with the facility of online RSVP. Use that option and your guests will be able to submit their RSVPs online.

Add a Guest Book

Don’t forget to add a guest book to your wedding website. You can share your thoughts and excitement about your wedding day and your guests will be able to send wishes online. Sure, this page would be an interesting and popular page in your wedding website.

Include a Gift Registry

It is easier to Create a free wedding registry at .Using you wedding website to link to your wedding registry is a great way to provide necessary information about your wedding registry. Your guests will be able to find your list and they will be able to contribute to the items in the list wherever possible.

Sample wedding gift registry from

Sample wedding gift registry from

Include memories and a photo Gallery

This will be the great place for you to share all your wedding planning moments. That will add some personality to your wedding blog. Before the wedding, you can include the photos of your moments such as wedding planning, shopping for wedding dresses and even you are able to introduce your bridesmaids.

Try to share your unforgettable moments and memories with random but great shots. Your guests would like to see how you spend time on selecting your wedding gown in your bridal store.

Wedding-website-memories If you could capture an exciting moment when your bridesmaids saw a latest design collection of stunning bridesmaid dresses, don’t forget to share it with others through the wedding site to make them excited about your wedding.


If you make it a habit to update your wedding website together with your wedding planning, obviously your wedding site will be a place which your guests love to check frequently till your actual wedding day.


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