21 Tips to Increase Engagement & Traffic to your Blog


Now that you have a blog, you update it daily. You’ll actually get comments and visits from your loyal followers in your circle, other than that you don’t get much search traffic from Google and other search engines.

The truth is that nobody is going to find your website unless you don’t promote it. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to accomplish this and receive more traffic to your blog.

Here are some tips to Increase Engagement & Traffic to your Blog. Just don’t read it and discard. Apply these tips considering they are daily tasks. So, finally you’ll see how the traffic is increased.

Try using these tactics.

1. Get a memorable domain name for your blog. A domain name with up to 3 words or less is better. If people can remember the name of your site, the chances of revisiting or sharing with others are greater.

2. Make the site easy to load. If you site is slow to load and if it takes more time, most visitors will bounce back.

3. Optimize your content for search engines. Search for keywords that are used to search for the type of post you are going to share. Use these words in your post content .This method is so important and it can help your standing on various search engines.

4. Don’t forget to pick good meta tags for your content.

5. Always use Alt Tags for Images. This is also an important step same as writing optimized content. By optimizing images, your chances are higher if you want search engines to notice you.

6. Just try changing up your web content now and then. Just by adding a little gadget or something here and there, or by changing the color scheme of the text or even by adding or changing images will keep your site looking fresh. This will generate additional interest.

7. Always watch your spelling and grammar. Nobody likes to see words that are spelled incorrectly. No one will deal with contents that are hard to understand.

8. Submit your blog to search engine directories. Don’t overlook the smaller search engines; they may reach a niche market that is ideal for what your site has to offer.

9. Participate on forums and message boards that allow links in your signature.This is an indirect way of reaching audiences of similar interests on the other way,you are building an audience.

10. Include your blog link in any online profiles you have. This includes social media too.

11. Use the benefit of article directories to promote your blog. Anyone reading the article will see the links you insert. The chances are more to follow them to your blog.

12. Offer a mini-course or an ebook related to your blog. Offer this free of charge.

13. Use a link to your home page in your email signature. This is a great way of keeping your web site in front of everyone you deal with.

14. Issue press releases. If they get picked up and mentioned in any blog ,the publicity can lead to a good recognition of your blog

15. Participate at Yahoo Answers. Visit Yahoo answers and look for questions that are related to your blog niche. Give your opinion/answer. Anyway; be sure to include a link to your home page.

16. Create a simple video and publish it online. Post it on sites like YouTube. In description, share a link to your blog.

17. Arrange a contest or a giveaway. Be sure to include sharing in social media as an entry rule. People love contests and giveaways, and this is a good way to spread the word.

18. Use social bookmarking sites. In your profile, always post links to your blog, so people can follow them and visit your blog.

19. Don’t forget social networking sites. Places like Facebook, are great ways to connect with people

20. Make sure to add an “About me/us” page to your site. Search engines love these and index those sites quickly.

21. Always try to keep your site free of popups. Most people don’t like them and will leave your site immediately. Worst is, may be they will never come back. Instead of pop ups, use links to help people to navigate your site.

I hope above tips are helpful. Do you have any other tips to include into this list?
Please share them below as a comment.

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