Why Hiring a Developer is Better than Creating a Website on Your Own?

Why hiring a Developer is better

So you have finally decided to go online!

Kudos, to your decision. But now comes the most daunting task.

Should you opt for a WordPress theme to get it done or you take the help of a developer?

Both has its perks and cons. However, most of the business owners who attempt to build their website at their own fail at the task and never launch the website at all. That’s because creating an alluring website isn’t that easy. You need to have good knowledge of web coding and SEO. Well, that sounds too complicated for a non-programmer.

Therefore, instead of trying to get your hands on the thing where you don’t have proper knowledge, it’s better if you have a web design agency do the work for you.

Still not convinced? Let me clear the dilemma by giving 5 compelling reasons.


The options you have with a premium or any free wordpress theme is limited. You can only do as much as the developer has offered in the theme. If you need any extra customization, you still need to hire a developer to do the work for you.

Let’s be honest, no matter how good the premium themes are it still can’t represent the true value of your brand. Customization and tweaks here and there will ensure that you get your website that depicts the true message for your company.

And, this is only possible if you move ahead with a web developer.

Why hiring a Developer is better

Experience and Knowledge:

Experience and Knowledge plays a vital role in developing and designing a website. The tendency of encountering a variety of issues while designing a website is high. Sometimes, you need to go through a variety of codes to resolve complex issues.

That’s when having in-depth knowledge and experience of a developer comes in handy. Professional web developers have long experience in creating business websites whether it’s for big or small companies.

They know every design, bugs, market trends, challenges, and everything that’s going in the competition. So, they will help you create a unique site for your business that’s easy to use and bug-free through their expertise knowledge. The professional developers and designers are pros in dealing with the issues that may be a headache for a layman.

Search Engine Optimization:

Well, nowadays, themes do make their case on being readily good for SEO. But let’s face it, the truth is far from it. So you need a developer who can work in tandem with your marketing requirements.

SEO is something that helps you display your true cards if you can excel in it. SEO is an easy thing if done by professionals. But can result in extra weight to your mind if a normal person tries doing SEO. And then here comes the role of web developers who are experienced and they know what the latest On-Page trends are and how your website can come at the top rank.

Optimizing website for mobile and speed that’s above average is some of the benefits you get with hiring a professional.

Saves Time:

One of the reasons for hiring a website developer is to save time on a typical business day. As a business owner, you need to focus on many aspects of the business. Hiring a designer allows you to focus entirely on those aspects. They say time is money. The developers will be expertise in creating a website which saves time as well as resources.

After creating a website, you need to monitor the website from time to time and make changes accordingly for smooth performance. It can be quite cumbersome for you to take time out of your busy schedule for monitoring. Here, developers will do the heavy lifting for you.

Continuous Support

The web sphere is changing every year. So to keep up to date with the changes, necessary support is required. Decade ago flash was one of the major design elements used in the website. But now it’s avoided at all cost.

Then there is the ongoing battle with security. This is where a continuous support you get from a developer comes in handy.

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