Why is your Blog Revenue so Low?

Why is your Blog Revenue so Low?

If you are blogging right and spend some quality time on generating content frequently and wonder why still your blog revenue is very low, here are some of the reasons that might affect your revenue. Although there are lots of reasons affect your revenue, I want to highlight few basic things that you can easily correct and increase the revenue.Other than these tips,you also need to pay attention to ranking top in search engines in order to attract more targeted traffic.

Not having a focused niche

This is one of the main problems I have noticed. Most bloggers tend to concentrate on wider markets without focusing into a special targeted niche. If you have a personal diary kind of blog, then the chances are more to have thousands of similar blogs around. You also may tend to share anything and everything in your blog. Then you have more competition and the more competition you have the harder for you to make some cash.
Instead try concentrating on a niche. it will on the other way develop you some traffic and followers too.

Not having a unique selling point

You should focus on a targeted audience. By having unique content where others do not have, you attract much readers and it is easier to convert them to a sale. It can be buying something or even clicking an advertisement from your site.

Channel your ads

Your ads can be the culprit too. If you use Google AdSense or similar service, you need to block unnecessary ads to appear in your site. Instead of appearing all the irrelevant ads, try to target ads for your content. You should channel your ads and block the unwanted.

Above are some of the reasons that you don’t earn good revenue. However, whatever the reasons are, always try to share fresh, quality and unique content in your site. That will attract more readers and traffic to your blog.Finally a good readership is a reason for good revenue.

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