How to write a Blog Post fast?

How to write a Blog Post fast?

One of the secrets for an authority blog is quality content. Any good blog needs to have quality interesting posts .Frequently updating is another factor to keep visitors interested and coming back. However, updating a blog frequently requires more hard work and it may look tiresome and time consuming.

Sometimes, it takes long time to write a blog post. There may be lot of distractions which keep you away from concentrating to a new blog post. Have you ever spent more than half a day to write a single blog post and even it contains around 300 words?

Actually, there are days I spend lot of time for a single post. Even I spend lot of time to edit photos and also the blog post. Lately after reading other blog posts and books about blogging tips,here I listed 5 tips & tricks that I use when I want to write few posts quickly. I hope these tips will help you to write your blog posts quickly.


Get Rid Of All Distractions

Have you ever ended up with checking emails or chatting with a friend found on facebook when you are online to update the blog? This has happened to me several times. Now, this is the tip to avoid distractions and to write the blog post faster with a good concentration.
Log out your twitter, Facebook, email and all other applications before you start writing. If you plan to write the post with some researches, then only open the tabs you will be using for your research. Closing of all the other tabs will help to avoid wasting time.

Turn off the Spell Checker While Writing

When you start writing a post, don’t edit it while writing. Instead, write your blog post without stopping to make corrections or to edit. Try to finish the entire post without checking spelling. Once you finished writing, go back and correct the grammar and spelling mistakes. This will help you to write faster as you will not waste time while writing the post.

Prepare an Appropriate Schedule and try to stick to it

A blog planner or a schedule is important for any successful blog. Prepare a blog plan with to-do list. You can plan a week or a month in your schedule. Also find the best time of the day that you can complete a post without much disturbing. Some people like to write early in the morning before everyone wakes up. Some, they prefer night time when all others at home sleep. Choose a time which is more convenient for you and you are more likely to be creative. If you are less distracted or tired ,then you’ll be able to write a good engaging post faster.

Write The Outline and start expanding it.

Note down the main points you are going to discuss in the blog post before you begin writing. A blog post should always have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Once you have noted the main points it will be easier for you to fill the details without much effort. Also break your post into readable and attractive subheadings; this will also increase the readability of the post.

Collect all the Information and essentials before start writing

Gather all the information you need before you start writing. For me, I need to check photos while writing the blog post. Therefore, I edit the photos first and then start writing the story around the photos. That is the easier method for me. Try to think what makes you to write easy. Gather all those information and even if you need pens, Gather everything you will need when writing your blog post.

Once finished writing your blog post, turn on the spell checker. Then don’t forget to go through your work correcting all the grammar and spelling mistakes. Once you check and fix the spelling mistakes, take time to Read the post again. edit it as necessary. Read again and ensure that the ideas flow nicely.

Then schedule it for an appropriate date.

As a summary,

-Get Rid Of All Distractions
-Turn off the Spell Checker While Writing
-Prepare an Appropriate Schedule and try to stick to it
-Write The Outline and start expanding it.
-Collect all the Information and essentials before start writing

Above are some of the tips I use when I write a blog post. I hope Using the tips outlined above will help you write faster and also will ensure that you write great blog posts for your readers.

Do you have more tips to share to this list? Please share as comments.


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